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    Find out which place your looks are popular in for selfie.
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    When you use GooLook, you will find out what region, what country your looks are popular in.

    Choose the region you like from anywhere in the world and just send a picture of your face.
    You can “communicate” via pictures with people who have been moved by your picture.
    You’ll be able to have a “conversation” with people from all over the world even though you don’t speak the same language.


    You still haven’t realized your own appeal.
    One thing’s for sure, people of the opposite gender around you are not everyone in the whole world.
    Are you popular? Or are you not?
    What kind of people like you?

    Please find the answer you've been searching for in life using GooLook.

    ...Oops. I forgot to say this.
    With this, you and your friend whom you’ve been arguing with can finally come to a conclusion as to who is more popular.


    This app is for these kinds of people:

    1. People who want to know what country, what region their looks are popular in

    2. People who want to see handsome and beautiful people all over the world

    3. People who want to know which kinds of faces are popular per country or per continent

    4. People who take pride in the cute or cool pictures of themselves

    5. People who can’t speak foreign languages but wish to become friends with people from all over the world

    Let’s give it a try.

    1. First, you need to register.
    You can login via your Facebook or Twitter account.
    If you do not wish to use your SNS account, you can easily register as a guest user.

    2. Take a look at pictures of faces from all over the world.
    When you login, pictures of users’ faces will be shown.
    When you find a picture that you like, please send a “Smile.”

    3. Find out which region you are popular in.
    You can quickly find out via a world map and heat map
    which region you are popular in and how popular you are.

    How to find out how popular your looks are:

    1. Choose a country and region and send a picture of your face.
    When you choose a region that you like in the world map, you can specify which picture of your face you will be sent.
    Then, wait for a response from the people of the region you chose!

    2. Be recommended.
    When a user who has been moved by the picture of your face sends you a Smile, your picture will be recommended to the people living in that user’s region.
    Having more recommendations is a sign of your popularity!

    How do I communicate with people from all over the world?

    You can “communicate” through the “Pic-chat Function,” which is a way of “chatting” using pictures.
    Even though you do not speak each other’s language at all, you can become friends intuitively.
    You can convey your reaction to the picture you've received by having different facial expressions or actions and taking a picture of these. You can then add emoticons and send this picture back.

    We’ve created mechanisms so that you can use this safely:

    1. You can use this anonymously.

    2. We are strict in managing and deleting illegal pictures.

    3. You cannot be friends with people whom you have not given permission to be friends with.

    4. You can block undesirable users.

    5. You can report undesirable users and illegal actions.

    Our Mission

    Over anything else, we at GooLook value your opinion.
    Please do not hesitate to send us a message if you would like to request something, or you are having trouble with something.
    We will do our very best to give you an app that you will trust and love.

    The GooLook Team

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