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    We' re providing Social Center as a Mobile App now!
    The following is the introduction on the new features of Social Center.

    * Activity :Check the contents LG Smart TV users recommended and enjoy them on the spot.
    - From abundant LG Smart TV contents, you can see which are recommended by others.
    - You can enjoy the contents right on the spot by clicking on TV.

    * Talk : See others’ opinions on TV program while watching it.
    - You can check out what others think about the TV program that you’re watching right now.

    Mobile –TV Synchronization
    - Social Center will also be available on not only mobile devices but also LG Smart TV.

    “Social Center” application does not support 1024*768 resolution as like Optimus vu.
    But, you can experience “Social Center” by enabling “Screen Ratio Correction".
    (LG “Social Center” was run -> Long-Press Home key-> Check Screen Ratio Correction)

    This application is compatible only with LG Smart TVs which are released in 2012.

    [Supported Models]
    LM9600, LM9500, LM9400, LM8600
    LMG860, LM7610, LM7600, LM6710
    LM6700, LM6690, LM6610, LM6600
    LM6450, LM6400, LM6300, LMG620
    LM6250, LM6200, LM6100, LS5800
    LM5700, LS5750, LS5700 Series @TV 2012

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