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    The 21st century Liberty Tree. 400 years of progress.

    On the corner of Essex and Washington in Boston, our founding patriots posted a sign on a towering elm, "This tree was planted in 1614, and pruned by order of the Sons of Liberty, Feb. 14, 1776".

    This tree served as the original meeting place for our colonists to discuss the principles of freedom and liberty. The discussions underneath this tree sparked a revolution. We believe our nation desperately needs that spark once again.

    On the exact 400 year anniversary of this tree a new gathering place is planted. Radio show host Mike Slater and Crowd Hub Apps introduce their strategic communal mobile app platform which connects patriots across the country. Users can accept weekly challenges, fellowship in online groups, and learn from our nation's most influential leaders.

    What makes this mobile app so unique? Rather than just pushing out content to loyal followers, users will be encouraged to participate. Everyone who gathers "underneath the Liberty Tree" earns points and scales levels allowing them to receive rewards and prizes. Crowd Hub's mission is to turn brand consumers into champions.

    The original Liberty Tree is not there anymore. British soldiers chopped it down. The local newspaper wrote, "Armed with axes, the British soldiers made a furious attack upon it. After a long spell of laughing and grinning, sweating, swearing, and foaming with malice diabolical, they cut down a tree because it bore the name of Liberty."

    Marquis de Lafayette visited the site of this tree in 1825 where he declared, "the world should never forget the spot where once stood Liberty Tree."

    We believe, with your help, the nation will never forget our 21st century Liberty Tree.

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