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    LinkApp - Connect instantly with people around you.

    1 location... 2 clicks... Linked up!

    Link with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your phone's address book.

    LinkApp is a location based tool which let you instantly connect with people around you on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. LinkApp will automatically find the other person close to you and you can send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, become friends on Facebook and follow someone on Twitter.

    Remember that interesting guy you met at a business conference, you forgot to ask his contact details and you can't find him anymore on LinkedIn? Think about that beautiful girl in the bar, you thought you know her name but you can't find her on Facebook? Avoid these annoying situations and connect at the right time, at the right place, with the right person and with the right tool LinkApp!

    How works LinkApp:

    - Connect with people near you on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (others to follow).
    - It's location based and automatically shows you people who are near you.
    - Just 1 click to send an invitation
    - The person you've send the invitation to can accept via 1 click.
    - There we go, you're connected!

    Why use LinkApp:

    - Connect with your business network.
    - Connect with your private network.
    - Follow people you like.
    - Invite people to connect and let your network grow easily.
    - Meet new people.
    - Extend your business network.
    - Get the best out of your social networks LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
    - It's location based, be cool.
    - Make sure you have LinkApp always open to make it easy for people to find you.
    - Send your contact details via SMS,WhatsApp or Email

    With LinkApp you can easily connect with other people on social networks. You can choose the network on which you want to connect. You won't connect on all the networks at the same time. With some people you want to connect on Facebook, with other people you want to connect on Linkedin and some other people you want to follow on Twitter.

    When you meet someone and you want to connect on a social network use LinkApp. Connecting is simple: Make sure both of you have LinkApp open. Click the person you want to connect with and send an invitation via the social media buttons.

    This LinkApp version is a Bèta release. We appreciate your feedback. You can send feedback via our website.

    Enjoy meeting and connecting with new people and happy linking!

    The LinkApp Team

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