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    Have you ever wanted to share an experience you had, and let people know the location of where you had this experience so they can try it for themselves?

    Well now you can with Loci!

    Loci lets you:
    • Visit places world-wide and share your story about that location.
    • Upload photos of your experience.
    • Discover locations you didn’t know existed
    • Read about other people’s experiences at a that location

    Loci encourages you to get out and experience what the world has to offer!
    You can only tell your story and read other peoples stories if you are at that location… So get discovering today!

    How do I use it?

    "Tell Story" is the top left menu icon. This is where you can write your Story by adding a heading, and the contents of your Story.
    If you like, you can also take a picture or add a picture from the gallery on your device to be added to your Story.

    You must have a heading and the contents of your Story, so go ahead and add the details for your Story.
    There are two small icons at the bottom left of where you write your story content, one is a camera button which lets you take a
    picture to be added. The icon next to it is a gallery button, which lets you add a picture from the gallery of your device.
    Now that you have filled out your Story details (and added an image if chosen), all you need to do is touch the "Tell Story" button to the right.

    If you want to Tell a Story, please select the "Tell Story" menu icon on the top left of the screen.
    This will prompt you to sign in with your Facebook account. (Sorry only Facebook currently, we are working on bringing more sign in options!)

    If you don't have a Facebook account, or don't want to use it to sign in you can't tell a story currently.
    Don't worry though, you can still view all the Stories told by tapping on the "Experience" icon on the bottom left of your screen.

    "My Posts" is where you go to view a history of all the Stories you have told, including the image (if you added one). This lets you go back and re-live the Stories you have told, since we know you have already been to the location to experience it for yourself!
    Remember "My Posts" will also be empty if you have not told a story or signed in through "Tell Story" using Facebook!

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