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    Find out which are the most beautiful love quotes on Earth!
    What better source of sayings about love is there other than the Holy Bible itself?

    ‘Love’ is one of the strongest words on Earth. Its meaning is as deep and old as the world itself. No matter what language you speak, ‘love’ can be the word that changes everything. And it will, for the Kingdom God promised us is one where love is the ruler and where hatred and lack of harmony have no place. ‘Love’, ‘amor’, ‘lyubovi’, ‘iubire’, ‘lieben’- this word has as many shapes as nations there are on Earth. And it always has the same power.

    ‘The love quote from the Corinthians is amazing!’ – Gary S.

    This app will touch your heart with the most overwhelming words of love there are. Keep these words in mind, for they are the greatest definition of love and the most elaborate definition of Christianity itself.

    With this app, not only your soul will be embalmed by the greatest and most inspirational quotes possible. You will become a better person by listening to these Bible verses. You will find out what is the essence of being a true Christian.

    We’ve all heard about love. And one way or another, we’ve all felt it, no matter for whom: friends, family or our spouses. And everybody has talked about it: in the top movies, in the magazines, in the arts and in the greatest books of all times. It has always been a favorite subject, and that may be because there is NOTHING like it. There’s nothing humanly possible that can have the same strength as love. NOTHING! We are born out of the love God carried for us. And we die in His eternal love. It is the beginning and the end, our bliss and our hope, our only way to save ourselves. Just as Jesus loved us, we should love others. And nothing can compete with the greatest act of love in all history of the human kind: the sacrifice of Jesus.

    As Christians, we follow the words of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our Church is based upon His great love for humanity. What better source of words of love can there be then, other than the Holy Bible? Who else than Jesus has ever taught us better what love is and what true love feels and behaves like? Where else can we find our inner peace?

    How much better can we define the greatest feeling on Earth? What more do we need? Christianity IS a religion of love for everything under the Sun. And the whole point of it should not be forgotten, for it is the key to a better world.

    Out of all the greatest religions on Earth (Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc), none emphasizes on the power of love as much as Christianity. Why? Because God send His only Son on Earth to be crucified for OUR sins. What greater proof of love do we need? He cares for us THAT much! What better inspiration do we want other than the life of Jesus Christ?

    Who else has ever loved us so much? Think about it and then think of all the things you’ve done. Become a better person, a better Christian. Read the Bible and the Word of God will be your guide to Heaven.

    Prayer and Bible study are our keys to the Gates of Heaven. Love is the answer to all the problems of humanity. If we learned to love our own kind as much as God loves us, there would be no more wars, no more hunger and no more pain. It’s 2012, people! Wake up from the darkness, embrace your neighbors and your enemies because the End of Times is coming and we will all pay our debts. Let’s get together and say a prayer for more love on Earth. Let’s be what God intended us to be: loving, caring and good to each other.

    Download today and let yourself be embraced by the love of God!

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