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    With the motto "Don't worry, Lowely takes care!", Lowely offers a great assistance to the forgetful pair of couples...

    Lowely is a relationship assistance tool consisting of fundamental elements, such as a counter and a reminder, for Android devices.

    Lets see the features of the application:


    - Enter your partner's name and the start date of your relationship.

    Main Screen

    - On the main screen a counter is shown, calculating how much time is being passed since the first date.

    - In addition to the counter, the selected reminder of a special day is set with the count of the days left is shown at the footer of the main screen.

    - Through the icons on the top, you can navigate either to the special day set up screen or to the settings list or more to the about screen of Salyangoz.

    Special Day Set-Up

    - Numerous pre-defined special days are listed, such as Valentine's Day, Wedding Anniversary, Engagement Anniversary, First Kiss, First Dinner, First Sex, First Met, First Gift, First Flower, First Family Meeting, Partner Birthday.

    - In addition it is optional adding up custom dates to the list.

    - After selecting a pre-defined day or while adding a custom day, reminder is being set according to your preference of frequency options across daily, weekly, twice a day, monthly and yearly.


    - The SMS (= short message service) option enables the opportunity of preset message generation for the partner which will be sent on the anniversary of the first date.

    - By the Next Event option, the event reminder on the footer of the main screen can be determined among the special dates which have already been checked.

    - With the Time Format option the time format of the counter can be adjusted, so the calculation will be performed according to years, months, weeks or days.
    * years : years / months / weeks / days hours : minutes : seconds
    * months : months / weeks / days hours : minutes : seconds
    * weeks : weeks / days hours : minutes : seconds
    * days : days hours : minutes : seconds

    - If you would like to change the Profile Picture of your partner (or it can also be your couple photo), you just need to click that option and change it.

    - Of course this is an undesirable situation, but in case you break up with your current partner, you will be able to reset the data you stored about him/her. Lowely will wait patient for you to fall in love again...


    - On this section all of the social accounts of the developer firm, Salyangoz, are listed.


    - You will be notified through a budge on your notifications list with specific frequencies of the special day you recorded. Likewise a week before the day, one day before and on that special day.


    - Lowely has also an Android Widget, on which your couple photo (or your partner's photo), the initiation date of your relationship and the selected special day as Next Event with the days left to it will be located.

    If you are accused of being a reckless lover, just because you are not good at recalling dates, it's time for you to download and use this application immediately. Lowely will be the most beneficial relationship assistance tool you could ever use.

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