LyfeLog is for those, who value their privacy, enjoy the openness of twitter but feel restricted at the same time due to its puny character limits, are passionate about something and want to follow every bit of news about it, and want an amazing solution for logging and preserving the special moments in their lives and sharing it with their close friends, or the world at large.

    LyfeLog redefines how you connect and interact with people. It will enable you to share and express yourself like never before, without worrying about privacy. It lets you take control of your content. It is a social networking app that is powerful enough to become exactly what you need it to be. Limitless features and intuitive usability define LyfeLog.

    Features -

    Events - Memories are powerful. They’re moments of our lives that we just can’t get enough of. But they’re also volatile. They fade away unless preserved right. Thats where Events come in. For every amazing trip with friends, for every rocking party, for every crazy concert you attend… for everything that stands out from a normal day at work, you can create an Event, and post all the pictures and videos you took. You can even share the whacky lyrics of that song your friend wrote while drunk! Everything in one place. Posted on the go, as and when, it happened. What’s more, You decide who can view the Event. We know, some secrets should be kept secret ;-)

    Interest Channels - Everyone is passionate about something. Be it Design, Photography, Sports etc. Ever wondered, why it is so difficult to follow your Passion? You have to Google it, to find the right people, then look them up on Twitter or Tumblr, then follow them. And still, you get everything they post, even if it's not relevant to your interest. LyfeLog, makes following your passion just a 1-tap thing. Only the most relevant content in your timeline. No more following, no more searching. It's the easiest and most intuitive way to follow your Passion. To add your own content to an Interest Channel, simply select it from the compose screen when you create your log.

    Journal - It is your personal, private space. Its a place where you organise stuff that you like, and save it for later reference. So, the next time you see a beautiful image or that amazing video, that you'd like to keep with you, just simply add it to your Journal

    Instant Messaging - Chat with your friends! We have integrated Telegram Messenger to provide the fastest and most secure chatting experience. **(We recommend removing any other telegram clients to avoid getting duplicate notifications.)**

    Share to Facebook and Twitter too, with one tap.

    Ad-free - We value your privacy. We believe, that the consumer is our client, and not a product to be sold to advertisers.

    Ownership - At LyfeLog you would be creating a log of your everyday life, and we know how many sentiments are attached to these experiences. Since this is your life, you retain complete ownership to all your content. We never claim any rights to your content or ever try to benefit from them since we see that as a violation of your privacy.

    Categorisation - Following so many interesting people, making so many great friends, we understand your timeline can feel really filled up at times. But, with LyfeLog, organising it, is just a tap away. Feel you’re only in the mood to VIEW and not to READ? With a tap, you can turn your timeline into a media stream. Voila!

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