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    MapHook is a location-based journal and social networking application that provides an organized way to keep track of important things, a clever way to find nearby information when you're out and about, and much more.

    Using your Android or computer, create and organize "hooks" to remember events, places, and happenings; include text, pictures and videos; and add other content such as Wikipedia articles and Yelp reviews.

    Keep your hooks private or share them with family, friends, colleagues, or the whole world. Create multiple groups, each with their own viewing privileges that you determine. Shared hooks can be viewed and commented on by using the Android or by logging into MapHook’s website ( You and your friends can also keep up-to-date on new hooks by using Android’s Google Cloud Messaging.

    Combine your hooks into stories to remember a series of related events or other themes of interest that happened over time or in specific locations. You can share your stories with other users and email them to anyone.

    You can also use MapHook to search for cool things nearby. Our map displays all sorts of awesome stuff, including hooks shared by others, Wikipedia content, Yelp reviews, and Groupon's super duper deals. And, we’ve got more great content coming your way soon. Just click on the pin, and it's all there!

    Who’s using MapHook?
    • Regular people like you and me that like to keep track of or journal their interests.
    • Families that want to chronicle their events and keep each other up-to-date.
    • Enthusiasts that want to remember events, catalog their interests, and share with others; for example, sports fans, club members, weekend warriors, and hobbyists.
    • Professionals that travel or work in the field and need to keep colleagues informed.
    • Users in need of relevant and nearby information when they are traveling or planning to travel.

    MapHook is flexible, easy to use, and it's yours to use however you'd like.

    Find It. Do It. Share It. Get Hooked!

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