The novel and innovative MapStack Mobile App for Android (“App”) displays maps and information in 2D and 3D views for easy indoor navigation, while shares information related to indoor places. This application helps guiding you in shopping centers, museums, exhibitions, or in campuses.

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    MapStack Mobile Application provides unique navigation indoor. While 3D view provides building overview, in 2D view you can access floor details. In each view navigation among floors, zooming and rotation are accessible in traditional way using the touch gestures, and using the unique touch controls. Selecting interesting places such as indoor rooms and Point of Interests (POIs) you can read detailed information and share other related information with MapStack community.
    Complete list of available features:

    In GoogleMaps view:
    - Navigation among available maps on GoogleMaps
    - Search labels, descriptions of maps and central and social-based information of all the interesting point of all maps
    - Details of selected map
    - Geographical outdoor localization using built-in GPS receiver
    - List of favorite maps
    - Request of new map providing geographical information
    - Link to the MapStack facebook page

    Functionalities on a selected map:
    - Navigation (floor selection, zoom, rotation) on the selected map using touch gestures and touch controls
    - Share and create new POIs
    - Fast switching between 3D and 2D views
    - Auto rotation using the built-in compass
    - Details of selected map
    - Adding selected map to the favorite list
    - Rating selected map using LIKE
    - Showing detailed information and community-based additional posts of interesting places, such as rooms and point of interests (only available through 2D view)
    - Text-based search among interesting places available on the map using any detailed information or community-based posts
    - Bookmarking other personal interesting places
    - Setting location on the map by selecting the appropriate position (available only in 2D view) or by directly searching the nearest place
    - Showing route to the destination directly selected from the search result or from the detailed view of information of the place
    - Overview of actual location, the search results, and the route in 2D and 3D views

    Available indoor maps:
    BME bldg. I, Q, K - Budapest, HU
    Westend City Shopping Center - Budapest, HU
    Árkád Shopping Center - Budapest, HU
    Campona Shopping Centre - Budapest, HU
    Amusement Park - Budapest, HU
    Budagyöngye Shopping Center - Budapest, HU
    Csepel Plaza - Budapest, HU
    Europark - Budapest, HU
    Allee Shopping Center - Budapest, HU
    Europeum - Budapest, HU
    Mammut Shopping Center - Budapest, HU
    Pólus Center - Budapest, HU
    Aréna Plaza Shopping Center - Budapest, HU
    Új Buda Center - Budapest, HU
    Savoya Park - Budapest, HU
    Sugár Shopping Center - Budapest, HU
    Korzó Shopping Center - Nyíregyháza, HU
    Pécs Pláza - Pécs, HU
    Dunapláza - Budapest, HU
    Szeged Pláza - Budapest, HU
    M3 Outlet Center - Polgár, HU
    Győri ETO Park - Győr, HU
    Debrecen Fórum - Debrecen, HU
    Budapest Zoo - Budapest, HU
    Árkád - Pécs, HU

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