MeetRoom Manager

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    This application allows you to manage a conference meeting: collect the participants, assign the talking precedence and propose polls for voting.

    This is a server application and it should be installed on a main device (generally an Android tablet) connected to the hall's audio system.
    A single server can manage several devices (phones or tablets with MeetRoom app client installed) connected to the same wi-fi access point.
    This app handles connection requests from free clients and creates an interactive meeting room system.

    The main functions are:

    - assign a Room name, receive connection requests from client devices and keep trace of present people: each user can join the conference with its name or nickname and the seat number; the list of all connected participants is shown in the Meteers panel.

    - manage the queue to speak: users who wish to speak in the debate can book themselves to talk through the MeetRoom application, installed in the client device; the name will be included in the server queue and when the supervisor enables meeter's device, the voice captured by its local mic is transmitted to the server and (generally) forwared to the hall's audio system. The supervisor can also interrupt (definitely or temporarily) the speaker and intervene directly using the server microphone function. In order to avoid audio issues, a parameterizable acoustic echo canceller is implemented inside this app.

    - define and submit polls to the conference participants: the supervisor can prepare questions with choices and store them in the server database; during the meeting he can create a poll event and send the questions to all or to a subset of the connected people. Each participant involved in the poll can make its choice and send it back to the server. The app collects all votes and at the end of voting process the results are shown on client devices.

    - create attractive charts to analyze the poll results: all the data are stored inside the server database and it is possible retrieve them successively to generate charts

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