This application allows you to participate in a meeting: talk to other people via the built-in microphone and vote in polls proposed by the supervisor.
    This is a free client and it needs the server app MeetRoom Manager installed on a server device (generally an Android tablet) to create an interactive meeting room system.
    A single server can manage several devices (phones or tablets with MeetRoom installed) connected to the same wi-fi access point.

    The main functions are:
    - if you know the Room's name you can join the conference with your name or nickname and the seat number
    - you can ask to speak: after the request, your name will be included in the server queue and when the supervisor enables your device, the voice captured by the local mic is transmitted to the server and (generally) forwared to the hall's audio system
    - you can partecipate to a poll and get the voting results: polls are defined on server side and they are deployed to all connected devices so that each partecipant can make its choice. At the end of voting, the results will be shown on client devices

    You may customize the app by applying a preferred background image.

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