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    Do you have interesting thoughts or cool stories to tell? Why don't you put all that in to virtual piggy bank and later share that bank with friends, or exchange it with random stranger. This application is like a game. You do not know what you will find inside.

    It would be easier to explain app in steps:
    1) Create your virtual piggy-bank.
    2) Write something awesome in to your piggy-bank.
    3) If you think that your piggy-bank is full, you have four options: keep it for later, add more messages to it, send it to a friend, or be part of global exchange program, where your piggy-bank is exchanged with random stranger's piggy-bank.

    Highlighted Features:
    * When creating piggy-bank , you can set hammer-time, which prevents anyone from opening piggy-bank beforehand.
    * When you receive strangers piggy-bank, you will be able to open it and read messages that were sealed in strangers bank, then rate it positively or negatively. By giving rating, you will be able to change strangers rating.
    * The bigger your rating is, the better quality stranger piggies you get, what do you know, you might find out some master chef’s piggy-bank with ultra secret food recipe in it.

    You also will be able to share this application through Twitter and Facebook. The only way to send your piggy-bank to your friend is if he has account in MindBank application.

    In future it might be possibility to login with Facebook account.

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