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    Are you worried about where your loved ones are?
    Have you lost your phone and need to locate it?
    Do you need to track GPS location of your teenagers?

    Mole Tracker allows you to configure your Android phone to auto respond to your secret text messages and will automatically text back its GPS location. It will also play sound and vibrate so you can find your phone.

    Your loved ones can be tracked anytime without them even responding to you. It is perfect for those who have to take care of those with Alzheimer's Disease.

    Why is this app called Mole Tracker? The reason is that Mole Tracker can disguise itself into a simple Whack-A-Mole And draw-paint game so that if you lose the phone and the finder does not call you, they think this is just a game and may refrain from uninstalling the game. Also, they will not be able to get into Configuration menu, due to its LOCK code.

    Your younger kids may also enjoy this app because it includes a simple draw-and-paint program.

    On initial configuration, menu will open allowing you to enter:
    1> Lock Code - Lock code has to be combination of RGB letters. Lock Code will allow you to get back to configuration menu

    2> Secret Word - Enter secret word or sentence (e.g. where are you). Once saved, sending text with this secret word will trigger the phone to automatically send back GPS location.

    3> Vibrate - select this option if you want the phone to vibrate when it receives secret SMS message

    4> Play Sound - select this option if you want the phone to play a sound when it receives secret SMS message

    5> App Enabled - un-select this option if you want to DISABLE the auto SMS response

    6> Click Save then Close buttons to save your updated data and close Configuration screen.

    Whenever you are done, click your mobile HOME button to send Mole Tracker in background, monitoring location (GPS has to be enabled) and auto-responding to your secret SMS messages.

    To go back to Menu, tap on colors that correspond to your Lock Code and then hit the Mole with key. If you enter invalid code, click Eraser image and re-tap your Lock Code followed by hitting the Mole with key.

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