Report your opinions and issues regarding your municipality using Munizapp!

    Munizapp is a fully integrated solution for citizens to report their opinions and problems to the municipality where they reside. It as also possible to receive feedback on reports through the app and still remain completely anonymous. In the list of reported issues it is possible to see the status of both your own and others reported issues. For your own reported issues the complete log of replies and actions taken by the municipality is visible.

    Using Munizapp a citizen, or municipality worker, can immediately report a hole in the street with picture(s) and automatic location. This gives the reported issues a high quality which facilitates the internal handling of issues and improves the surrounding environment.

    Social functions such as share reported issues on your facebook wall and agree on already reported issues further improves the benefits for citizens.

    All municipalities that are connected to the Munizapp service are available through the same app and if your municipality is missing today it can easily connect to the service in the future.

    Features include:

    - Report issues and opinions with or without GPS location and photo
    - See reported issues on the map or in a sorted list (popular or closest)
    - Optional to send reports to specific administrative units
    - Add several photos
    - Get feedback and reply on your reported issues
    - Several municipalities in the same app
    - Agree on others reported issues (vote)

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