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    My Checkin

    Let people know where you are, even if you are not actually there!

    Use My Checkin to do Facebook checkins at any place in the world, whether you are actually there or not.

    Practical e.g. if you are supposed to be some place else, like at work or something, or if you want to brag about your vacation even though you've been home all the time.


    My Checkin is ready to go, so for normal use this is all you need to know:

    At start you are asked to log in to Facebook unless you are already, and first time it will also ask for permission to send checkins to Facebook.

    After that, and any number of times:

    Possibly Search for map locations or pan and zoom the map to the right location.

    Get Places surrounding the map center.

    Possibly further pan and zoom the map to see the interesting places.

    Click on any of the places to select it. The map centers on that place and its name is shown above the map.

    Checkin to the chosen place.

    That's all there's to it.


    When you press the Menu button, this pops up:

    Settings control the map and places. See more below.

    Help might get you started.

    About shows information about the app.


    If you are the tweaking kind, these Settings provide means to control how the information is presented.

    Satellite Map

    Selects whether traffic (normal) or satellite map should be shown.

    Default: Off

    Default Zoom

    Sets how zoomed in the map should be at app start and after a Search.

    Default: 12
    Min: 0 (farthest)
    Max: 20 (closest)

    Automatic Zoom

    Controls whether the map should zoom to cover all the retrieved places or not after a Get Places.

    Default: On

    Radius for Places

    Sets how big area in meters should be considered for retrieving places.

    Default: 10000
    Min: 0 (= no limit)
    Max: 20000

    Amount of Places

    Sets the maximum amount of places to retrieve.

    Default: 50
    Min: 1
    Max: 100

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