myMed is meant to all users working or visiting the Euroregion "Alpi-Mediterraneo - Alpes-Méditerranée", aka AlpMed.

    myMed is a "meta-social network" of "sociapps" easily programmed, installed and hosted using myMed platform.

    All the sociapps are - at least - in French, Italian and English.

    myMed is an open-source project started in 2010 by INRIA, Politecnico di Torino, Università di Torino and Università del Piemonte Orientale, and (since 2011) Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis.

    myMed is funded by Interreg Alcotra as European project 2010-2013. (

    FEATURES on 1/9/2012:

    - myRiviera : sociapp for moving in the Riviera Region using common transportations, such as bus, tram, metro, train and offering a simple and novel way to be informed and to interact with touristic, institutional and commercial point of interests.

    - myEuroCin : sociapp putting on line the journal "Le Alpi del Mare/Les Alpes de la Mer" and allowing members to write articles that will be validated by the "board" of the journal

    - myMemory : sociapp that give a concrete help to people touched by the Alzheimer's disease.

    - myBen : sociapp that give an help to put in direct relation voluntary organizations with voluntary.

    - myEurope : sociapp that allow to get in touch with Italian and French majors, region, communities, socioeconomic actors,… With the ultimate scope to submits projects proposal to the transnational programs like Alcotra, Med,…

    - mySophia : sociapp that allows to give information, logistics, help, and connections… to the technological park of Sophia Antipolis.

    - myJam : sociapp that allows to be informed about traffic jam (available directly on Google play as a standalone app).

    And many more …

    If you are interested to get in touch with us to design, implement and add your favorite sociapps to our platform, please contact us at

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