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    Today, frustration among youth in India has reached to unprecedented levels.

    This growing frustration, we believe is due to the cocktail of several factors, like - mal-governance, mis-administration, rampant corruption and collusion between morally bankrupt media with political class (especially, those with leanings for Left-liberal ideology)

    We have helplessly sat before our TV screens for years, hoping Mainstream Media will someday reflect the sentiments/anguish of common man. However, we the people of India were betrayed by the conduct of these mainstream media (MSM) houses, who have been abusing their viewers by showing naked bias in favour of Congress led UPA/ political bosses. These MSM agencies/houses have put forth their ‘relentless efforts’ (unethical/immoral and false propaganda) to tarnish and witch-hunt NaMo at every available opportunity, for over a decade now without success. The venom-spewing campaign pf Media has reached such levels, that neutral/indifferent audience/viewers of these media houses were now able to see through the nefarious intentions behind the media obsession to crucify NaMo. This is overwhelmingly proved with growing stature of NaMo, across length and breadth of India.

    Despite so much negative propaganda and witch-hunt by the hate spreading/ venom-spewing libtards, NaMo stayed positive and worked hard for bringing development to Gujarat.

    NaMo, stands out as an exceptional character and embodiment of positive force, because he delivered, despite facing unimaginable negativity/venom/false propaganda(which, if any ordinary individual is subjected for even few days could turn insane) for over a decade. It is this trait of NaMo, which has inspired us to support him for the sake of truth.

    Independent, ordinary citizens like us, with no prior political affiliations have voluntarily stepped forward to support NaMo, without any expectations for our efforts.

    We felt, if we do not support NaMo now, it will tantamount to killing the truth.

    “All those who witness injustice/sin, but do NOT oppose the same, due to any reason (be it – they being part of injustice/sin, they being indifferent or they fear the perpetrators of injustice/sin etc.) will have to share the punishment/karma of the committed injustice/sin” ~ Lord Shri Krishna, in Mahabharata, in the context of punishment meted to Kuru greats like Bheeshma, Dronacharya etc., for not objecting to the evil deeds of Kuru prince, Dhuryodhana.

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