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    Onaizah (Paris Najd) is one of Al-Qassim cities which are located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is an ancient historical city acquired its importance long ago due to its unique geographical location.. It lies in the north central part of Najd plateau and toward the south of the stream of Arrimah valley, the largest valley in the Arabian peninsula..
    Onaizah is a marvelous oasis amid the desert characterized by a wonderful tourist bases endowed by God, as if it is a bride in her wedding day. It is located between sand dunes on the south and surrounded by beautiful gardens and became distinctive, charm its viewers. It is the major city of Al-Qassim province, and it is called “Najd’s origin” or “the origin of the central Arabian peninsula”. The Lebanese traveler Ameen Arriyhani said about it after his visit in 1933 “Onaizah is the pole of decency and literature .. Paris Najd.. it is more charming than the original Paris if you come across it from Alsafra spot”, he gave it the name “Paris Najd” because of its beautiful nature and purity. Also in his Excellency Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Obodi’s book “Glossary of Al-Qassim city”, wrote about Onaizah and said “ Onaizah is the city of literature and history in Al-Qassim.. moreover, it is the source and still the origin of many poets and historians”.. Dr/Mohammed bin Abdullah Asslman, Onaizah book, p. 13-14

    على ضفاف باريس نجد التقينا نسابق الدقائق واللحظات لنرسم بالحرف فخر ا ونعانق شموخا ونباهي به مجدا وبفرشاة زاهية الألوان نرسم طريقا إلى القمة ، منتديات باريس نجد أفق واسع على مد البصر تتضاءل الأفلاك بظهوره .

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