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    Published: 2013-10-09, by Manu Galvez.

    Pheed is a social network to discover and share text, photos, videos and audio

    • Design and UI
    • Ease of use
    • Trendy channels and hashtags
    • Facebook/Twitter connect
    • Basic social networking tools
    • Yet another social network?

    "For the wild at heart"

    Pheed is yet another social network which tries to bring together the best features of the current largest ones. It provides a fast and simple way to connect to friends, tastemakers, influencers and trends from the world of art, photography, music, film and entertainment. Unlike other well-known social networks, it isn't focused on your closest circles: it puts at the same level both contacts and interests, which can be really useful if you like to share with your friends those things you love.

    Besides, Pheed provides users with basic social network tools: create and customize profile, follow interests and people, create and share posts, view notifications, filter timeline (to see just text, photos, videos or audio), comment, love and remix (repost). Navigation is really intuitive thanks to a bottom bar that ensures quick access to the main sections of the app.

    Minimalism is the best word to describe Pheed's interface. It puts the scope on content: it displays timeline in an Instagram-style layout and channels & hashtags in a grid. This makes easy interacting with with both content and users, so its enriches end user experience.

    Pheed's keystone lies on it stands as a trend-hunter social network, which feels sometimes like Reddit, while keeping the structure and tools of a general social networking app. It's a pity that it feels like "just another social network" since most of the things that can be carry out can also be performed on other top social networking sites/apps.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Oct 09, 2013


    Think. Create. Produce. Share.

    A place to express yourself.

    Pheed is FREE and easy to use social networking app for sharing VOICE-NOTES, MUSIC, VIDEOS, PHOTOS and TEXT.

    Labeled by Forbes as ‘the new Twitter,’ Mashable as ‘the next social craze,’ and Huffington Post ‘the next generation of social media.’ Fortune listed Pheed as ‘The #1 Social Network to Watch in 2013’ and Business Insider ‘the social media company of the year.’

    ● Support for mobile and tablet devices
    ● Capture and share high resolution photos in any size, no cropping
    ● Upload photo albums in a single pheed
    ● Capture, record and share high definition videos with no time limit
    ● Record and share sound, voice notes and audio clips
    ● Your content remains yours - protect all your content with the copyright feature (all media will be marked as copyrighted with your name)
    ● 420 characters to share more of your thoughts
    ● Discover popular content and get personalized suggestions of who to follow
    ● Sort timeline view using filters (e.g. photos, video, audio, etc)
    ● Share pheeds with your friends on other social networks, via email and direct messaging
    ● Set your channel to private and approve who can subscribe to you (follow)
    ● Ghost option - hide your subscribers counter from all

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