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    Published: 2011-06-06, by Manu Galvez.

    Plume for Twitter is a Twitter client that let us to customize almost everything

    • One of the best screen widgets for Twitter
    • High-customizable
    • support (more than 140 characters)
    • Columns distribution
    • Tacky interface
    • Update tweets performance could be improved

    "High customizable Twitter client"

    There are coming lots of Twitter clients up. Each one of them offers and added value in some aspects. Plume for Twitter is the one that brings the widest range of options to customize how the tweets are displayed.

    First, you will be able to add as much account as you want (multi-account supported). Once you do it, it will appear the tweets distributed in scrollable columns. As in other Twitter clients, you are free to customize what columns you want to show: general feed, direct messages, your tweets, contacts that retweeted you, etc. The default theme is a bit tacky but you can customize it to your liking. Besides that, you will be able to change the font size, timeline and friends colors, revers order, mention highlight, theme... and many more.

    Besides the customization you can perform the same than in the Twitter official app: post, attach links, retweet, direct messages, metion, geotagging, share photos, (more than 140 characters), follow/unfollow, mute twitter users, word or clients, replies to a tweet... among others features. An internal browser is included to find friends or hashtags.

    But what's probably its strongest point is the screen widget. There are different sizes but, the largest offers a comprehensive Twitter experience: you can perform almost everything from there. What's more, it's easy-typing thanks to the @ and # buttons, improves the user experience.

    Plume for Twitter has been developed by LevelUp Studios, the well-known Android developer, author of Beautiful Widgets among other great apps.

    If you like to set to your taste even the details in your Twitter client, this is your best option. It's probably not the best client regarding rendering, but it's high-customizable and it has one of the most complete screen widgets. Truly recommendable.

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jun 06, 2011


    Plume is a beautiful and completely customizable Twitter app that will revolutionize the way you use Twitter! Brought to you by the authors of the popular Beautiful Widgets, Plume is one of the best Twitter clients for Android! (Plume was formerly known as Touiteur)

    - Colorize your timeline/friends from Twitter
    - Multiple twitter accounts support
    - Scrollable widgets to display your twitter timeline on your home
    - Lockscreen widget (Android 4.2+)
    - Mute twitter users, word or applications
    - Facebook timeline & posting
    - Live Streaming in app
    - Picture preview in timeline, large view of images with pinch to zoom
    - Twitter geotagging
    - Swipe scrolling
    - Very customizable
    - Internal browser
    - Autocomplete twitter hashtags and username
    - Share photo with Twitter, Twitpic, YFrog, Mobypicture,
    - support for your URLs
    - Inline twitter conversation
    - Display replies to a tweet
    - Display twitter profiles
    - Pull to refresh
    - a lot more!

    Plume is a beautiful, highly customizable Twitter client, which will change the way you feel about Twitter!

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