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    Poll App is a Unified Platform, where the citizens of India would speak as ONE.

    On every occurrence that makes news, every Issue that threatens to affect our future, every Scam that results in loss of our money, the only ones to make their voices heard are the corrupt Politicians and Bureaucrats. No one wants to hear what the PEOPLE actually think or want! We, the Poll App Team, want to provide an Unbiased, Uncensored and Liberated Platform, where users would make themselves heard in unison. Our application will reflect what the PEOPLE of India actually think about such Issues! MAKE YOURSELVES HEARD!

    Poll App is a Singular Unified platform for the people to discuss and comment upon the issues rising in the country. New topics based on current affairs would be added regularly. The users can express their views regarding these affairs in the form of Opinion Polls (which would be represented in quantitative percentage and number of votes both) and by explicitly commenting in the discussion area. This platform would enable you to carry out intellectual discussions about the issues of the country with like-minded people and politely differing individuals alike.


    1. Complete Unbiased Polls
    2. Opportunity for each individual to come forward and speak his mind on a nationalized platform
    3. Regular posting of new topics and issues to discuss upon
    4. Nationwide reach of your thoughts
    5. Unlimited visibility of each comment and poll, not only to a selected audience.
    6. Multiple polls conducted simultaneously.
    7. Complete user history maintained.
    8. Suggestions accepted from users regarding Questions they wish to be put up.
    9. Social Media integration – Share your views on social networks like Facebook and Twitter from right within the app.

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