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    Tell Him you love him through the most beautiful Bible quotes!

    Do you want to know which are the best ways to thank God for the things He’s offered you?

    We ask and ask and ask for more in your prayers. But sometimes we forget to say ‘thank you’ in return. In His never-ending mercy and love, our Father only asks of us to stay clean and pure. In return though, he gives us everything: this life and the after-life, the Earth and its amazing beauty and the Kingdom of Heaven, the eternal bliss. How can we forget to thank Him and praise Him for His amazing gifts?

    ‘I loved the third quote, just got to my heart like nothing else’- Gary S.

    This app will teach you which are the best prayers of praise. It will teach you how to pray and thank the Lord for every minute of your life. This is not just a set of quotes. This is a set of the most beautiful words of thanksgiving and praise in the Bible. Enjoy them!

    With this app, you will get closer to God and Jesus, because the prayers here will feel like a balm for your soul. Say them clean and with your heart open and the skies will open for you into eternity. With these prayer quotes you and your family will be able to thank God and Praise His Name.

    Jesus is our Savior and He died for our sins. He died so that we can reach Heaven. He suffered for us all and paid the price of our sins with His blood. We should be thankful for every morning we wake up and for every minute we can see, breathe and feel how wonderful life is. We should pray to get closer to Him and his Grace, we should give Him prayers of adoration, prayers of praise, prayers of thanksgiving, for His Love is eternal and the Kingdom He promised us has no beginning and no end, just as God.

    People don’t read nowadays as much as they used to …Technology, the TV, and the internet have all intruded into our lives and made us grow distant from the true values: God, family, friends, the arts… Do you want to start reading more? Start with the Holy Bible: it is an inexhaustible source of wisdom and advice. No other book on Earth has ever contained as much beauty as the Holy Scriptures: the Old Testament together with the New

    Testament and the Gospels. Read the Bible and you will grow closer to God and His eternal Love! Do you still need a push? With this set of bible quotes, your appetite for knowledge will open and you will want more and more. Find out what is the TRUE essence of Christianity by reading the Holy Bible!

    Become a better Christian today and Praise our Lord who watched us from Heaven and in Whose Hands our fate stands.

    At the End of Times, He will decide who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. The Father, the Holy Spirit and The Son will stand there and judge all our deeds and they will decide what reward or what punishment we deserve. Become a better Christian NOW, before it’s too late: 2012 has been predicted to be the year of the Apocalypse. We can’t know for sure whether this is true or false, but we must ALWAYS be prepared, for the End is indeed near. Get closer to God today. Pray and Praise his work. Pray for yourself, pray for peace, pray for your family and for the entire humanity. We need it! With all the wars going on, we need prayer more than ever! Let us all sing a song in the Name of the Father!

    Download today and enjoy the best collection of prayers of adoration and thanksgiving!

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