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    Prayer is essential in a good Christian life

    How does prayer help us become better people and have a better life?

    The moments when we pray are moments we spend with our Creator. These moments should be treasured and loved, since they offer us the chance of having a good relationship with God. And we all know good communication lies at the base of any relationship, not just that between us, humans and our Lord, our Father. Praying shouldn’t be done in a hurry, nor should it be an occasional thing. It should be part of our daily life.

    ‘I loved this app, made me come in touch with my spirituality!’ – Gary S.

    This app will make you think more of how important prayer is in your everyday life. God created us and we have the duty to build our ‘relationship’ with Him with each day that passes by. Each morning we wake up, we should be thankful to God that we have another chance to change our lives and follow His path.

    With the tips in this app, you will learn how to get closer to our Father in Heaven. You will learn how to pray and have your prayers listened. In his endless love, God gave us the chance to talk to Him, to apologize for our sins and to thank Him for every tiny gift we receive from Him every day.

    Moses taught us the 10 commandments. Jesus Christ came and taught us the law of loving everyone, even our enemies. He also taught us to pray and He did it too, even when he was about to be crucified. He should be an example of love and sacrifice for us all. Without Jesus, the Kingdom of Heaven would not be in our reach and what he taught us through the Gospels should be part of our day to day life.

    Every religion has its type of prayer: Islam, Judaism, Christianity, even Buddhism. But Christian prayers are based upon the love God bears for us, His children. The End of Times might be nearer than we could even imagine. Let us pray that God saves humanity. Let us pray that peace will one day rule the Earth. Let us pray people will wake up and see how much they’ve harmed God’s creation.

    The Holy Bible (both the Old Testament and the New Testament) should have a very important place in every Christian home since it is an inexhaustible source of wisdom. The answers to your daily problems can be found there. The advice on how to stay strong in your faith can also be found there. No matter what version it is, be it the King James Bible or NIV or any other version, it will provide you knowledge and it will help you grow stronger in your love of God and humanity. Bible study and prayer will get you closer to God’s desire and closer to the Heaven He promised us.

    Improve your relationship with God today through Bible study and prayer. Stay close to your church and to the people who share the same faith as you do. Keep your family inside the Christian norms of living a beautiful life. Surround yourself with beautiful bible quotes and Christian books and you’ll see how much more aware of the fact that you are a CHRISTIAN you’ll be. It’s 2012 and we now have ALL the technology in the world to serve us so that we have even more time to spend with God and with our loved ones. Take advantage of what modern technology offers us and use it to become a better human being!

    Download today and learn how to pray! Learn how to be a better Christian!

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