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    Simple notification app for Roleplay Online ( ).
    2.02.03 - Bug Fix: New ignore list wasn't superseding correctly.

    2.02.01 - Added new settings for Private messages. Private has its own ignore list and notification sound setting. Also added menu option to clear portrait information so when you change a games portrait you can get the update.

    2.01.00 - Bug Fix: Login window was launching every time the app restarted. Also removed the static portrait orientation.

    2.00.02 - Bug Fix: The "Force Browser Choice" function was launching to the first notification's game only.

    2.00.01 - Bug Fix: Quiet Hours was silencing outside it's allotted time window.

    2.00.00 - Code rewrite, bug fixes and new features

    Login Screen: There are several people that have installed the app and were unaware they needed to hit the menu key and register. I finally made a screen that makes this part work like you would expect.

    Show Password: Their is a check-box to show your password for those that have trouble typing. Also, the app no longer saves your password to the phone. After logging in, it saves the RPoL session cookie and discards the password.

    New graphics: First.. Launcher icon. It now uses the RPoL "impossible cube" instead of that ugly red d6 filler graphic I had. The login screen also has the familiar banner graphic (with unofficial stamped across it). Even more fun... As notifications arrive for each game, the app now looks up and cache a copy of your players portrait. For Honeycomb and newer, it's used as the large icon for your notifications. Currently it will only download these once, you would need to clear all of the apps data to flush them out if you change character portraits.

    Quiet Hours: You can now specify a range of time to have Lights, Sounds, and Vibrations turned off.

    Multi-Browser Support: With a check box, you can force the app to always prompt you to choose a browser (for those that bounce around a lot, or prefer one for RPoL, but not as a default).

    LED Settings: For those that have hardware that supports it, you can now specify what color your LED should blink. You enter a hex value, Red (FF0000) Green (00FF00) Blue(0000FF). This site can help you play with the colors.

    Bug Fixes:
    Vibration actually works now. HOWEVER... you will want to change that setting if you already have the old version. I put a ridicules vibrate pattern in the initial release, and since it didn't work I forgot to take it out.

    Special Characters in game titles are decoded (actually already fixed for v1 users as well, it was a server thing, I needed to urldecode the game titles from the feeds.)

    05/31/2013 - If notifications have stopped for your device, unregister and register. This can be performed within the app, or you can remove and reinstall. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1.00.02 - Invalid RPoL credentials weren't failing properly.

    1.00.01 - Initial release version

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