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    I am Yule Samhain (Yul Sowen)an aspiring Saxon Runenmeister in the life long study of the blessed magic Runes of our people past and how they still hold a great deal of power and purpose in the present.

    Many ask if I am a neo-Nazi or an Odinist (as in a white supremacy only), or a Germanic re-creationist because I use "Nazi symbols". All of these symbols were here long before our French, German and Norse brother swere born and well, we nor anyone else owns the symbols of magic, especially the Runes- Odin does!

    Any knowledgeable Nazi following List or quality Odinic teaching will tell you the same- "These Runes are for all mankind, not just a select few".

    Remember, I'm an aspiring Mage focusing on the blessed rituals of runic magic, sacred symbols and ancient glyph's, this has been my calling since the earliest years of my youth- over 50 years ago; I'm led daily by the forever song inside to fulfill the duties of a Rune Master (Runnenmeister) to lead and guide all people and all nations to know the Gods and Goddesses of crEAtion and the life they will for you to live through the message of the blessed runes.

    Just because some of our brothers use symbols (like the Swastika) pointing to the right or the left does not make the symbol good or bad, even if it is tilted or combined with other symbols. To properly understand truth you must know WHY this is done and know why the "WHY" makes sense... it must be integral to your character and personal make-up. There is little benefit to being partially informed of such powerful and magnificent runic symbols- they truly hold the keys of magic within in them and they are yours- they're yours!

    This app also help you by learning the Galder of this blessing to God (Galder is the sound of the runic letters spoken in a monotonic way as a kind of chant or sing them if you like- I do!).

    This is a big world and life should be even bigger, don't get trapped inside and don't trap yourself by trying to fit into a broken mold (someone else’s design for you- breakout and be free. Find yourself and cry out to the Gods as you make your path through this amazing life.

    This was Odin's primary intent in giving us a living language like the runes to supplement the quest for life so you're never alone or feel abandoned, the God's are with you in a good way if you present a good heart.

    Find yourself and find freedom, then you will be ready to understand the Gods, the Runes and the powerful magic they both offer you.

    The rune magi I do here is a part of my blessed rituals so the power and intent is imbued into the runic object is crafted to properly fulfill its good intent and use for you. Even though this is an app it has been part of a blessed ritual made only during a holy and sanctified time and in sanctified manners; thus, I and do my best to make sure this is an authentic magic runic talisman.

    Please contact me for custom Runic or spell for you. Also know that I create different Runic blessings during the month and year as the time is only right during a short period for maximum potency.

    Be blessed, be wise and above all be honorable!

    May Odin and the God's bless you indeed,

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