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    Let your family member or friend know via automatic text message you got Safely There.

    Safely There is an application for your Android phone that will automatically send a text message to a contact you choose once you have reached your destination.

    • Choose from your Contact list to receive the text message
    • Edit Destination and it displays a map of it
    • Map can be zoomed in/out and panned to see area
    • Edit the message to be sent or use default
    • Limits GPS On time to conserve power
    • Displays notification flag to show it's running in the background
    • Displays distance (direct) in miles or kilometers to destination
    • Shuts down background when destination reached
    • Displays notification envelope to show that text msg was sent

    Safely There runs in the background so you can use your phone for other tasks or let it go to sleep.

    To Use:
    1) Click on Destination address to edit. When done, click the Return key on the soft keyboard.
    2) Click Text button, then click either/or the Text Message or Contact (the Contact list is from the phones Contact List, just click the contact). On Text message, when done, click the Return key on the soft keyboard.
    * This text message is appended with the destination address to let the Contact person know where you got Safely There.
    3) Click Text button to hide text message and contact.
    4) Click "Start" button to start the background service.
    The Checkered Flag will display in the notification bar to let you know it is running. Also the Start button will say Running with green light.
    5) A distance will show once the GPS has a fix. This distance is a direct line from your position to the destination, not a road distance.
    6) You can exit the Safely There program and return later or not return at all. The background service will continue to run until the destination is reached and turn itself off.
    7) Once the user is within .1 miles of the destination, the program will:
    a) Send the text message to the contact
    b) Display a envelope notification to let the user know that the message was sent.
    c) Shut down the background service.
    8) If Safely There program is displayed then it will add the line !!There!! and change the "Running" button to "Start".
    9) Finished :)

    If you wish to manually stop the background service, which will discontinue the program completely:
    1) Run Safely There (if Safely There is not the main program)
    2) Click the "Running" button, this will stop the background service and the checkered flag will no longer be in the notification bar.

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