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    About The App:
    This applicable is designed to help, provide the security and safety of friends, family members & loved ones in the Republic of South Sudan (RSS). User(s) will be able to send alert(s) to friends/family members in or during emergency or when in danger. Users will also be able to register 5 friends or family members as their emergency point of contacts. When in emergency situation, user(s) will be able to press a “button/icon”, which will then send an alert to 5 registered friends/family members who will then know that their loved one is in danger and needs help. They should be able to locate/trace their geo-location. Once, the person in emergency pushes the alert button the system then sends the geo-location of the person in danger etc.

    Completing set-up, the system will ask that you add your full name and telephone number, followed by the process of adding your family or friends’ telephone numbers into the system. You need to add a minimum of 2 contact persons and a maximum of 5 with their telephone numbers.

    1. Home Screen: From home screen you will be able to send alert message(s) to 2 or 5 registered emergency members. More options with this page is, list of family members that you added to your list.

    2. Adding Contact Persons: From this page you can add 5 friends or family members names including their phone numbers. Please press add contact person icon on the top bar to add new member, from here you have the option to add new ones directly or from your phone contact list or address book. Similarly, you can delete the list item by pressing the dash (-) icon, then by pressing reset. You can also click the existing item to update or replace contact information.

    3. List View: From this page you can view all friends/ or family members that you have added. Similarly you can delete the list item by pressing the dash (-) icon. You can also click the existing items to update them.

    4. Setting Page: Here you can update the existing setting of the app. You need to add your full or telephone number which will be sending the emergency alert message to your contacts.

    5. Map View: This is a geo-location feature which is meant to find out where you are and find out the exact location on the map. From here your geo-location will easily be identified and your family members or friends can come to your rescue.

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