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    Save our Soul
    Save our Soul is an application that let your loved ones informed if you are in danger or emergency. Once you press lock button thrice within 4 seconds, it sends 20sec audio recording along with 4-4 photographs taken from front/back camera and your GPS location to all the numbers that you mentioned in the application. Along with all above details it will also call the first person mentioned in the application’s settings page and will put your phone on loud speaker mode so that you can let them know what the danger is.
    Here are the steps to configure your application after successful installation:
    • Enter 5 numbers of the persons whom you want to get informed.
    (First person on the list will also get a call in case of emergency.)
    • Enter re-tracking password
    (Share this password with the people whom you want to get connected in emergency)
    • Click on save.
    Congratulations!!! Your application is configured now.
    How “Save our Soul” application works:
    Kindly inform all the people of whom you mentioned numbers in the application about this application.
    • In case of emergency you have to press lock button thrice.
    • Once you press emergency button it will do following:
    1. Track and record your GPS location.
    2. Records 20 sec audio.
    3. Take 4-4 photographs from front/back camera.
    • After taking all the above mentioned details it will send these details to all the numbers mentioned in the application by you.
    • It will also send a text containing a link, by which one can see all the above mentioned details on a website. ( For non android users )
    • This application will also make a phone call to the first number of the list mentioned by you in the beginning. The phone call would be on speaker mode so that you can communicate in a better manner in case of emergency.
    Remember you set a password in beginning, it helps in this manner .
    Assume someone is in emergency and press lock button thrice and then this application will perform all above mentioned functions. Now what’s next……
    With the help of this password one can re-track your location and ask your phone to re-perform all the mentioned functions again without pressing the emergency button. By simply going to “Track“ button and entering the password, one can get all the information.
    We request all to take utmost care while sharing this password, as it will take all the details without your permission and sends to all the contacts.

    Thank you for downloading this application. Please share your views and feedback on download page.
    Be safe - Be Connected.

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