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    The only app on the market with 24/7 telephone tech support

    ** Is Your Phone Compatible **

    Read below about compatibility. Although Shady is guaranteed to work on all Android devices, there are some things to consider.

    **How to open Shady**

    There is only one way to open Shady; Dial 123 or 321 in your telephone and press call. You can change this code to any secret number you'd like. After downloading Shady the open button does not work. Shady has no icon, will not be on your desktop, and will not be in the app drawer.

    **What is Shady?**

    Shady is a completely secret SMS messager. It is a contact list, and all messages sent to contacts in the list are only visible within Shady. Unlike the stock messager Shady SMS notifications do not show the content. It is discrete, hidden, SECRET. You can configure the Shady notification message to be anything you'd like, so at 2AM when get a message from Bob's BarBQ there will appear to be nothing Shady going on.

    **Notifications Replacement**

    Shady SMS replaces the stock SMS/MMS notification mechanism. Shady's complete notifications system fully manages all Shady and regular contact SMS/MMS notifications. The stock notifications mechanism is disabled by opening the default messager,and by un-checking the "notifications" checkbox in the settings.

    **MMS image filtering**

    Shady has full MMS image filtering support. Android MMS works by first receiving a temp MMS saying "download" or "cancel". Shady does not filter this message because the image has not be downloaded yet. Shady intelligently waits for the image to download, and then filters it to the respective thread in Shady. Please ENABLE auto download mms attachments, in the stock messager, for Shady to automatically filter MMS images as fast as possible. If you do not enable this feature the temp MMS message will sit in your stock inbox until you actually press the "download" button, so please enable auto download in the stock messager's main settings.

    Video, and Audio filtering not supported.

    **Feature Highlight**

    Predictable and powerful SMS filtering technology runs when a new Shady SMS message is received, and stays around periodically checking to ensure your device is completely Shady proof.

    **Custom Skins**

    Shady was designed for Android, but every manufacturer customizes Android differently. Because of certain manufacturer customizations Shady is recommended for use on certain devices. I code on the Droid Incredible, which is the most preferred device for use with Shady. The EVO 4G is also a highly recommended device. HTC devices, in general, are the most preferred.

    **Third Party Messagers**

    Remove Chomp, Handcent, and Go SMS as they introduce much instability to the entire SMS/MMS system! If used you will still have to disable their notification systems and quick reply popups. 3'rd party messages also introduce other issues that can be read about in the comments of the respective application.

    ** Compatibility **

    Old phones like the Hero, Moment, Eris, and Ally have too little memory for Shady to be 100% reliable. Please root and install Cyanogen Mod 6

    Some Android models have a dialer bug. The dialer shows in the recently launched apps list, and will redial your last dialed number. Hence it will launch Shady at the push of a button. Dialer is a bug in the OS on your model phone. 19/20 phones do not have the dialer bug. It's not something to fix in Shady's code.

    Samsung TouchWiz has a history tab in the contact list, which may be un-Shady to users. If you have a Samsung device you will want to either disable TouchWiz, or root your device and install Cyanogen Mod 6.1, or another operating system not using TouchWiz.

    ** Market Download History **

    Rooted devices can use Titanium Backup to move Shady to the bottom of the list! First backup Shady, then uninstall with the "remove from downloads" checked in the settings. Then restore Shady.

    Shady SMS is not affiliated with Blackbook, SPC, Blacklist or Redlist.

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