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    Since the age of digital pictures, writing a message or the names of the people in a photo on the back of the photo has been lost. With Social Share, you can do just that and much more.

    Social Share allows you to share your photos and messages to anyone who has an Android mobile phone and has downloaded Social Share. Sharing is done without using Text Messaging, which saves you money. The messages you write for a photo are stored in the Social Share database on your phone so you can always refer back to them whenever you want.

    For those who do not have Social Share installed or do not have an Android phone, don’t worry. We have a free easy to use web site that you can use in order to view your Shares. Click here to access the Social Share web site.

    Social Share provides four ways to find and organize your photos on your phone.

    Scrolling one photo at time. Tap once to Edit the message, Delete the photo, Move the photo to another folder or Rename the photo. Tap and hold to zoom and pan
    Search. This powerful search looks at the photo messages as well as the photo name and all the folders from the top folder down that the photo resides in. The results are displayed in a scrolling gallery. Single tap on a photo to Edit, Delete, Move or Rename. Tap and hold in order to zoom and pan.
    List. This allows you to navigate your folders in order to locate photos. Single tap on a photo to Edit, Delete, Move or Rename.

    Map. This powerful map feature automatically positions itself were you are, then finds all the photos that have the Geo Code GPS embeded in them to be displayed. Photos must be taken with the GPS location information turned on in order for the photos to show up on the map. As you zoom or pan, photos are added and removed from view. Single tap the photo to Edit the message, Delete, Move or Rename.

    When editing the message, you click Save to store the message. When Share is clicked, the message is automatically saved and a list of contacts is displayed.

    Once you have selected who you wish to Share the photo with, you will then select their email address. The Share is queued on your phone. Click the Upload Tab in order to see the upload queue. Once the photo has been uploaded, it is removed from the queue. Social Share checks to see if there are any photos to send or download every 5 minutes.

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