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    These videos on the Sikh religion have been produced by Brig. Partap Singh Ji Jaspal (Retd.), founder of Guru Nanak Daata Baksh Lai Mission, Chandigarh. They consist of Divine discourses, Gurbani Katha, Shabad Kirtan, Sikh Sangeet, Dharmik Vichar, Nitnem Baani - Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Sukhmani Sahib, Chaupai Sahib, Salok Mahalla 9 (nauvan), Barah Maha (Mahina).

    The videos touch upon some selected sacred life samples of following Sikh Gurus and elaborate these in the light of the holy sayings of Guru Nanak and Sri Guru Granth Sahib:
    Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji
    Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji
    Sri Guru Amar Das Ji
    Sri Guru Ram Das Ji
    Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji
    Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib
    Sri Guru Har Rai Ji
    Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib
    Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji
    Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
    Mata Gujri Ji
    Sahebzada Ajit Singh Ji
    Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji
    Sahibzada Zorawar Singh Ji
    Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji
    Baba SriChand Ji

    Some Saakhis of following Beloved Sikhs are also featured:
    Bhai Dayala Ji
    Bhai Mati Das Ji
    Bhai Sati Das Ji
    Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji
    Punj Pyare
    Bhai Daya Singh Ji
    Bhai Bhikhari Ji
    Bhai Goinda Ji
    Bhai Gurdas Ji
    Baba Budha Ji

    About Brig. Partap Singh Ji Jaspal (Retd.)

    Brigadier Partap Singh Ji Jaspal (Retd.) is a direct, intimate and lifelong disciple of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. He had the most blessed privilege of having Direct Darshans of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj, and of tasting the Bliss and Nectar of the House of Guru Nanak at His Lotus Feet. Brigadier Partap Singh's sole passion and ambition of life was and continues to be to share the precious treasure of divinity which he inherited directly from his Divine Master Baba Nand Singh Ji and from his most worshipful father Baba Narinder Singh Ji with all the children of the sole Beloved Lord. He started the Guru Nanak Daata Baksh Lai Mission with the launch of the website on the tercentenary birth anniversary of the Khalsa in 1999 and within a span of 2 years four more websites were launched and the mission has since been spreading like wildfire. The mission seeks no publicity and serves the whole global community in the firm belief of oneness of godhood and oneness of the mankind. It consists of only the family members and is based at 203, Sector 33-A, Chandigarh, Phone: +91 172 2601440.

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