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    Published: 2013-10-10, by .

    Create polls and publish them on Facebook

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    "Polls for everyone"

    Smart Poll is an application for Android that allows users to create simple polls and share them on Facebook.

    The process is very easy, you just need to follow the instructions: write the question, select the picture and the possible options, the category where the questions falls under and finally the share options in Facebook.

    From the dashboard you will be able to check out the latest polls created and get some inspiration. The app also allows you to offer location-based polls in case you want a specific recommendation from a place.

    Smartiky is the developer of Smart Poll, a useful app for Android and Facebook. If you're interested in creating polls for your company in a very easy way, this is a highly usable app.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Oct 10, 2013


    Let me tell you three short stories:

    1. Anna is having a hard time at work. Anna’s company is releasing a new plastic Smartphone (jPhone 5c). Anna’s boss thinks its cool to have a drilled hole case for the new phone but Anna thinks it looks lame. Anna is smart so she creates a poll a Smart Poll with the picture of the case asking if people think it’s ugly or not. Over 90% think it’s ugly and Anna shows the poll to her boss. Her boss is convinced and a disastrous release is avoided.

    2. Jimmy’s girlfriend keeps on talking with her ex but Jimmy isn’t sure if it’s rude or not. Jimmy is confused but doesn’t want to ask his friends so he creates a poll on Smart Poll to see what other people think. He asks if a) he should ignore it b) he should end the relationship c) he should talk to her about it. Over 70% of users vote that he should talk to her so Jimmy does. Jimmy and his girlfriend are able to sort things out through conversation.

    3. Nikki follows politics closely. A new round of elections is coming up but Nikki doesn’t trust the polls in newspapers or websites as they are either managed by conservatives or by liberals. Nikki posts a poll on Smart Poll asking if people would vote for a) Democrat or b) Republican in the upcoming elections. Nikki is now happy because she’s the one conducting the poll not someone she doesn’t know.

    Smart Poll gives the power of polling to you. Smart Poll is a platform for creating and answering questions. You can share polls publicly, to get opinions from all other Smart Poll users. Alternatively, you can share polls privately (only with select Facebook friends) or on your Facebook timeline.

    Smart Poll currently has an application on Google Play and an application on Facebook. You can comment on polls and select your favorite polls and follow them over time. You can attach photos to your poll by taking a picture with you phone's camera, choosing a photo from your photo library or choosing an image from Google image search. Once other users comment or vote on your poll, you can receive notifications to see the responses and other activity on your poll.

    Not sure about all of this why don't you try it yourself.

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