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    This app will forward any received SMS on your (spare) Android phone to a user-specified URL on the web, which technically is an SMS-to-web bridge. This is used for websites that process incoming SMS messages but don't want to mess with all the text messaging details.
    Use cases for this application:

    √ Televoting
    √ Public messaging to a big screen on events
    √ Out-of-office auto-answer on SMS (just reply, don't forward)
    √ Backup SMS's on 2nd phone or on the web (just forward, don't reply)
    √ Security: Tap & Forward SMS from employees
    √ Process SMS messages from APp4Buck's SineDroid application (power lost messages will trigger a website)
    √ Remotely controlling electronic devices by SMS like the range (switch on your campsite fridge or airco using 1 SMS message FRIDGE ON, check the possibilities online)
    √ Receiving and processing any other SMS messages that are processed by a website
    √ Any other creative solution - please tell us how you use it!

    √ A received SMS from phone number 1234567 contains the message "VOTE Alicia"
    √ You configured the forward URL to
    √ The following URL is posted: Alicia
    √ The website generates an XML output containing the field
    Thank you, your vote to Ms. Keys was processed;
    √ You configured the app to have in the SMS reply
    √ The user with phone number 1234567 gets a reply with
    "Thank you, your vote to Ms. Keys was processed"

    √ The application will automatically startup on SMS reception
    √ Play a sound on SMS reception
    √ Send the SMS to a website's URL (the website should support this, using HTTP GET, not POST)
    √ Get XML output back from the website (usually a short delivery description, but may contain any information)
    √ Fetch certain fields (this is configurable) from the XML and create an answer SMS
    √ Reply the SMS with the answer
    √ Forward the original SMS (or the answer) to any other phone number
    √ All features above are configurable
    On screen message history with delivery status (red/green) (max 50 messages)
    √ The received SMS is not removed
    Restrictions and constraints

    √ The app delivers the SMS using HTTP GET
    √ HTTP POST is not supported
    √ HTTPS is not supported
    √ There should be an internet connection available

    You need Android 2.1, a few 100 kbytes internal storage, 10 Mbyte RAM, and access to SMS and the internet (WiFi, ethernet, SIM data connection or cabled USB to a PC). Using Wifi you con't need a data subscription, just a cheap SIM is needed with an SMS bundle.

    We kindly request these Android permissions during installation:

    √ Receive SMS message: a clear requirement
    √ Send SMS: to reply or forward the SMS
    √ Internet: We deliver the SMS using HTTP to your server so we need internet access. Also, the help pages in the application are streamed from this website. No other internet pages are used. No information is sent to any other party.
    Known issues

    √ V1.00 None
    Future plans

    √ Support HTTP POST
    √ HTTPS is out of scope yet
    Legal notice/EULA

    End User License Agreement: By buying, or downloading or using this application the user(s) of the application declare to agree with the following statements:

    √ This application is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties.
    √ App4Buck shall not be responsible for any damage caused by using the application.
    √ App4Buck shall not be responsible for any damage caused by any malfunctioning of the application.
    √ The application shall not be used for life-critical applications or any other critical situations.

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    Asiri Dayarathna

    by Asiri Dayarathna

    Jul 06, 2017  |  "Great"

    I have installed sms2web app in my samsung galaxy core and working without any issue. Recently I moved to Samsung J7 2016 phone and there is no option to configure the SMS2WEB app. (Since bottom left button is for close all apps) Pls let me know the solution

    Ala' Dasan

    by Ala' Dasan

    Jul 24, 2016  |  "Great"

    nice app. will be better if you add: A.distinguishing the source sim for dual sim cards.. sim1 or sim2 B.resend the failed sms to url when the network is back again C. the option of deleting the sms from the phone after being forwarded to url

    Aleksander Mariański

    by Aleksander Mariański

    May 17, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Straightforward application easy to use and does exactly what it should. It is also very fast, you can get sms online in seconds. Only problem is menu button. New phones don't have it and it is hard to access setup.

    Josie Sanpedro

    by Josie Sanpedro

    Aug 31, 2015  |  "Awesome"


    Ni Luh Sukerniasih

    by Ni Luh Sukerniasih

    Mar 10, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Very good and simple for use software!!!