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    Social Advanced Pro offers a completely new way to view your Facebook News Feed.

    After logging in, Social Advanced will analyze your Facebook News Feed and show you trending topics among your friends, a list of the most popular posts made by your Facebook friends, and the moods that your Facebook friends are in. Clicking on any post will take you to Facebook where you can comment or like it. You can filter how far back to search for Facebook posts, up to three days in the past.

    Instead of just browsing your Facebook News Feed the old fashioned way, scrolling through post after post, this app allows you to see exactly what interests you, and what the most interesting posts are. You can skip right to the happy posts or console all your sad friends with just one click. This is the the pro version of the Social Advanced App. It has NO ads and your payment supports further development! Thank you!

    **The ability to view trends in this app is especially unique, because it only shows you trends among your own Facebook friends, instead of the whole world. See posts that are relevant to you alone. If a trending word is uninteresting and you would rather not see it, just click the red X to make it disappear forever.

    **Popular Posts allows you to see the 10 most popular recent posts made. Instantly see what was a hit on your Facebook News Feed, without having to search for it. You'll never miss another exciting or hilarious post by one of your friends. You can also instantly judge who is the most popular :) In the options menu you can select how far back to search for popular posts, up to three days!

    **Exclusively in Social Advanced Pro, the ability to view the moods of your Facebook friends is included. Right away you can see who is Happy, Sad, In Love, or Angry with the touch of a button. This way, you can skip to just the kind of posts you want to read. You can ignore all your sad friends, or console them. You can see all the posts made by happy friends! Or see who is really pissed off. It's up to you!

    I am always looking to add new features. If there is an advanced Facebook feature that you want to be able to do, email me at to request it. Take control of your Facebook with Social Advanced.

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