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    Do you like social networking, yet don't like apps that run constantly? Do you find yourself using the mobile sites more than the apps themselves? Do you find all the extra features more than you need? Or, perhaps you are just tired of being HACKED! This browser comes with some of your favorite social sites all packed into one simple app. And an added bonus, it will show up as a calculator icon with the name Calculated underneath. Why?, you may ask. So no one knows this is your social networking app. When they pick up your phone to try to post something embarrassing as you, they won't be able to find Facebook or Twitter (to name a few), and will give up. This app will allow you to sign in and stay signed in just like any browser would, so it's simple. And if you want another site added, let me know! Give it a try today!

    The pro version removes ads as well as the link to other apps.