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    Soksemo is a dog-themed, location-based, social networking app in which users are unleashed to explore the world around them and to interact with other nearby people and places by engaging in a variety of canine activities, such as sniffing, barking and marking. Soksemo is a fun, new way to communicate with the people around you — right here, right now!
    To the Native American Abenaki, Soksemo is a mythological dog spirit whose name means good nose. Within Soksemo, your dog agent enables you to mark your territory in order to remember and share places of interest or to bark as a way to communicate with other nearby users. In addition to exploring where you are, your dog can be unleashed to roam and act as an advance scout in order to investigate someplace you are going, dynamically gathering a list of things to do or retrieve when you get there based on who's nearby and what's happening now.
    A key differentiator for Soksemo is its ability to use information about you to help discover only the people, places and things that are of interest to you at that location. This is achieved with the creation and joining of dog packs (user-defined groups) and kennel clubs (formal organizations).
    Utilizing geo-location features of Android devices and networks, access to internet services and cloud resources, and personal and group information in the user’s profile, Soksemo turns the world of local/social on its ear by fetching the places, people and events that are nearby that are important or interesting specifically to you.

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