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    Turn your mobile phone into an SOSbeacon. When your community is networked, help is nearby. Leverage the safety in numbers.

    SOSbeacon is a non-profit corporation dedicated to enabling cooperative security, through the free SOSbeacon mobile phone apps.

    SOSbeacon improves your personal security by communicating with your network of family and friends during emergency situations. One of the essential features of SOSbeacon is the following service: If you call 911 using SOSbeacon, the application notifies your friends and family that you have an emergency, and provides a link to your emergency webpage that lets them hear your 911 call*, see your location and enable those notified to coordinate their efforts to get you help. Furthermore, if the caller opted-in, SOSbeacon also notifies nearby Good Samaritans that you called 911, to enable faster first response.

    But a service only used in rare emergencies could easily be forgotten when you had an emergency, so SOSbeacon also supports a unique check-in feature that can be used routinely to provide peace of mind to your family and friends.

    The unique feature of the SOSbeacon check-in service is the Record Witness slide button. A "Witness" is a 30 second audio recording with two automatic image captures 10 seconds apart. Multiple recordings (video in future versions) can be attached to a Check-in to provide an "eye-witness" archive of your experience. Pre-set Messages are provided for quick check-in, in addition to a custom message

    The contacts within the Group you selected to receive the Check-in will receive a link to the Check-in webpage. It is sent by email and sms text message and contains, in addition to the check-in message, the user's location, date/time, audio, images, and other data.

    The user has the option to define many different notification groups. All contacts within the alerted Group can communicate and coordinate help via the webpage link provided by SOSbeacon. Once a Check-in or Alert is initiated, all data, additional alerts, 911 calls, responder notes, etc, related to that time period (an SOSbeacon "session") is available to all responders to the webpage.

    Check-in has many uses other than for safety. One might Check-in to their family with the "I'm Ok" message, 2 pictures and an audio message that says "This is the new car we just bought"

    The difference between a Check-in and both the Send Emergency Alert and Call Emergency Phone is that these last two services are considered distress situations and once selected, require no further user input. A "Witness" recording session is started automatically for Send Emergency Alert.

    Call Emergency Phone dials 911, records the call and sends a link to the audio recording of the 911 call along with the user's location to the default Group created in Settings.

    A unique aspect of SOSbeacon is its Good Samaritan program (for 911 calls only). By tapping the first ON/OFF button shown on the Settings page (Figure 5 below) you can elect to have Good Samaritans alerted when a 911 call is made. By tapping the second ON/OFF button you can elect to receive Good Samaritan alerts. Good Samaritans are specific nearby SOSbeacon users who have opted in for a time period and geographical area.. Each party (sending alerts and receiving alerts) sets their own response area so one can be a Good Samaritan to nearby neighbors, but not outside your neighborhood

    We encourage feedback from our community on how to improve our services via the Tell Us screen.

    The Review option on the app menu bar displays the last (or current) SOSbeacon session webpage you created. This is the webpage your alerted Contacts will see when they click on the link sent to them in the SOSbeacon email or text message.

    Turn your mobile phone into an SOSbeacon. When your community is networked, help is nearby. Leverage the safety in numbers.

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