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    Published: 2013-07-09, by Manu Galvez.

    Surespot is one of the safest instant messaging apps

    • No e-mail or phone number required to use the app
    • Hard-encrypted messages
    • Invitation request to connect with users
    • Sender can delete messages, also from receiver container
    • Design
    • Users base

    "True private messages"

    Everyday millions of users send messages through instant messaging apps that despite being popular, still have some privacy issues. Users must accept that conditions if they want to use those apps. However, there are users (more each time) concerned about who can read the messages they send from its smartphone or tablet.

    Surespot offers a solution: end-to-end encrypted messages (256 bit AES) using keys create with 521 bit ECDH shared secret derivation. What does it mean? Basically, security, privacy. Don't be afraid anymore to send confident messages, media files or links. No one can read them or own them, not even Surespot's developers.

    Surespot has also some interesting features worth to mention. First off, sender can delete messages at their whim, and those messages will be also deleted from receivers container. No one can add you as contact freely: a request will be sent to you, and you must accept it to allow users sharing any content with you. Finally, no phone number or e-mail is required to use the app: only an username and password is required.

    Surespot is a good app that cares about your privacy. However, it should be enhanced regarding design. It's too sober, too minimalist so far. What's more, it has to face one of the biggest concerns for any instant messaging app bursting into scene: beating the supremacy of a few apps in the market.

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    Jul 09, 2013


    Be sure no one else can see your messages. Use surespot and everything you send can only be read by the person you sent it to. Period. Everything sent using surespot is end-to-end encrypted with symmetric-key encryption (256 bit AES-GCM) using keys created with 521 bit ECDH shared secret derivation, but you wont notice because security in surespot is built-in, not a layer over something else. Be confident sending private information and pictures, you have control over your messages, when you delete a sent message it will be removed from the receiver's phone and images are not shareable unless you make them so. Multiple identities allow you to be who you want with just who you want, and if anyone gets annoying you can block them. Surespot does not require or store your phone number or email address and we don't mine your data, no advertisements here!

    Encrypted Voice Messaging. If your eyes or hands are busy, your keyboard too cumbersome, or you just want to say it instead of type it- voice messages are sent with the same exceptional end to end encryption as the rest of your surespot messages. Simply hold down the microphone button to record your voice message and release to send.

    Surespot uses your mobile data plan and Wi-Fi so you don’t get texting charges, especially important for those friends in other countries.

    Surespot clients are OPEN SOURCE software, this creates transparency and invites peer review so you can be confident in our claims. If you wish to contribute/review you can find us on GitHub listed under 'surespot'.

    We always appreciate your feedback and questions. Please contact us

    Twitter @surespot
    Facebook 'surespot'

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