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    Tap App for Dogs

    by: Harry Tran 0 0




    This is an amazing app for your friend Fido to enjoy on a tablet device.

    Features 2 games for him and 1 clicker for you.

    The games include a sound board that makes random noises depending on where your dog taps on the screen. The other has shapes that move around the screen and each time your dog hits a shape it makes a sound for them. The app will drive them bonkers for hours just sitting there trying to hit the screen. (Please becareful when letting your dog touch the screen with claws, it may scratch the screen, we recommend placing a screen protector on the device first)

    We also included an impromptu dog clicker which will come in handy if you don't have one around and want to teach your dog some quick tricks.

    All this is put into one nice tiny package that you can download for your Android device today.

    Questions, or comments can be sent to and we will love to hear from you. Thank you.