Having a meal, drinking tea, seeing a movie,
    seeing a movie, drinking tea, having a meal,
    Boring! Not fun! Boring!
    Do you still only have boring blind dates?

    Or, you may have some memories of having a pleasant time because you shared the same talent, hobby, or an area of interest with the person you met on the blind date.
    Do you still visit the hobby group because of those memories?
    There doesn't need to be any more trouble like that anymore.

    Ting Dong Me, the world's first talent sharing dating.
    A candidate of the opposite sex will be recommended according to your interest and talent. You can have a date with the other party and have pleasure in learning.
    Find a new date in today's Ting Dong People that comes to you every afternoon at 5:00.

    [*] Characteristics of the Ting Dong Me service
    • The service recommends bright and attractive people who have talent and want to learn.
    • You can select two persons of your destiny from among four of your ideal type every day.
    • You can send "Ting" to a person you like (free of charge once a day) and have a pleasant chat if the other party responds "OK".
    • You can build intimacy while accomplishing the mission presented on a card and exchange voice messages on a chatting window for a week.
    • Ting Dong Me established a school, job, and talent certification procedure to recommend a trustful friend of the opposite sex. You can select with confidence!

    [*] Using Ting Dong Me!
    1. Download the Ting Dong Me App and join the free membership.
    2. Your profile is your face! Create your profile sincerely since it will be shown to a friend of the opposite sex.
    (Your personal information in the profile, such as phone number and SNS, will not be exposed.)
    3. Wait for approval from the administrator.
    4. Once your application is approved, "Ting" a person you like among the Ting Dong People that are sent to you every afternoon at 5:00.
    5. If the other party responds "OK", a chatting window will open and you can have various chats for a week.

    [*] Customer support
    • Ting Dong Me homepage:
    • Inquiry:

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