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    Do you know where your children are now? If you want to know the answer, then TrackMan is for you.

    New features in TrackMan 3.0:
    1. TrackMan 3.0 dramatically reduces battery consumption than the older versions. It uses less than 10% battery power compared with the previous versions.
    2. Fixed missing points on tracks. The previous versions loses points on tracks when the phone goes to sleep.
    TrackMan 3.0 fixed this problem, it continuously provides location information even though the phone is asleep.
    3. Target name, track list and time stamp fonts are configurable, so is more readable for different device resolutions.
    4. The time stamp is displayed with the target name to show you the last update of this target
    5. Added a pin to indicate the end of the track.
    6. Introduce a more fancy way, something like Google's gallery to to select images for targets, and Display photos
    for each target on the target view. (available in Pro and Enterprise versions only)

    Send us an email("> if you have any suggestions or problems.

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    TrackMan is a GPS tracking application that tracks the people you love, your children, parents, husband or wife; this application stores their activity daily, and plots their daily tracks stamped with time along the track. In case of kidnapping, lost or accident, TrackMan can help to locate the missing person.
    The other use of TrackMan is to find out whether your children were in school or cutting classes by looking at the track and time stamps on a particular day. TrackMan can also be used by employers to track their employees to find out where they have been during the business hours.
    TrackMan is not a toy; using it is not just for fun. TrackMan can be used in your real business. It helps to improve your business efficiency.

    Case #1: for Travel Agents
    A travel agent, he guides a tour group. Group members enter him as a target so everyone knows where he is during the tour. His manager can see where are all the agents anytime, in case of delay or accident in the trip, he can make proper changes on the schedule accordingly.

    Case #2: for Car Service Companies.
    Managers can tell where are the drivers on any particular time. Base on the information to assign the next customer.

    There are many other use of TrackMan are waiting for you to discover, please give it a try!

    Setup TrackMan is easy, takes 2 or 3 steps as described below:
    Go to Menu > Settings
    1. Setup your name and phone number
    2. Add a target if you want to track someone
    3. Add a tracker if you want to tracked by someone

    Example#1: Tracking of yourself( This example requires only one cell phone )
    1. Install TrackMan on your phone
    2. Add you as a target
    3. Add you as a tracker

    Example#2: Tracking of your child( This example requires two cell phones )
    1. Install TrackMan on both phones
    2. Add your child to the target list( on your phone )
    3. Add you to the tracker list( on your child's phone)

    After trying out the example, please edit the tracker and select "Passive Mode" for the "Report Frequency" to avoid too much data being generated.

    For more information about setup:
    Start TrackMan
    Go to Menu > Help

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