Treasure Card




    The business card applications.
    You can exchange your original card.
    In the following folder. Jpg Please put the file.
    One is the file size to 200kb.
    (automaticaly create, in your SD card)

    I'm glad if you can leverage off meeting or something (^o^)/
    To exchange one to two minutes, but took tea ,,(^-^;)
    (While the exchange, available to chat♪)

    I want to cherish the encounter, with great feelings that "Treasure Card" for this.

    We hope to help meet everyone's nice.


    Either [# find me] tap.

    - [] tap.
    - Select the destination.
    - [2.connect] tap.
    - Alternately [] tap.
    (If you want to see my cards, [# view my card] tap.)

    When you receive anyone cards, menu buttons,
    You can register tags and notes.

    Treasure Cards can be gotten at any time.
    (Replacement screen, open the menu.)

    I feel like (^-^)

    I want to let a little power!
    Thank you.

    layout free!
    name, email, phone, twitter, facebook, etc...

    Fit size sample:
    Galaxy S(Samsung) 1080*670pixel

    By the way, a typical business card,
    91 * 55 mm.
    The aspect ratio of 1.654, and is almost golden proportion.
    And the golden proportion, incidentally, is about 1.618 and aspect ratio.

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