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    What is Tweet Finder? - At its core it's a very simple app that allows you to search what people have posted on Twitter but it is very powerful in many aspects.

    What uses does Tweet Finder have? - Tweet Finder can be used for extremely targeted marketing purposes and social engineering.

    Why should I use Tweet Finder? - Imagine you are are a business owner looking for client leads, wouldn't it be great to be able to find leads in your immediate area just by finding what people have said on Twitter?

    Just think about how much an advantage such a tool could bring to your business, you could find leads in real time based on where the user is and what you are searching for.

    Tweet Finder Pro includes support to search from a custom location anywhere in the world and to select a custom radius to conduct searches anywhere from 100miles down to a mere 1 mile,direct links to follow users, results are also organized to best determine which ones are guaranteed to be in your location, an interactive map feature is coming in version 1.2.

    NOTE - Due to how twitter returns results some tweets may not load if the user has deleted that tweet before twitter has had time to update its database.

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