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    Twitter has been a ‘hot’ social media of expressing oneself in limited characters but in effective manner. LetsNurture has in past, made useful twitter applications for android as well as for IPhone smart phones.
    This time, LetsNurture has gone a step further and has made a twitter application for events.

    TwiEvents –that is the name of application made by LetsNurture, which focuses on event registration for twitter users. The application puts the use of highest use of a keyword used by a section of people in an area and converts it to an event by use of Event Hash tag #.

    This application will help twitter users to make or hold any event by deciding his choice of keyword and Hashtag. LetsNurture has kept this application as a paid feature of only a nominal 1 $ in contrast with all the free applications made previously for Twitter. This application has been made, keeping in mind, the premium users, who use Twitter more to connect with the world and express themselves.

    The main feature of this app made by LetsNurture is that the Twitter users can see the event report any time they wish to and see what other users have tweeted about the event with other information.

    TwiEvents app has interesting features like:

    A) A main screen event registration page with Event name and Event time duration ( Event start and completion time)
    B) Registration of 2 parallel events.
    C) Generation of report for a given event in CSV format
    D) Tracking event data by user after starting of an event
    E) Access of data by users in terms of:
    - Top Participants list
    - Top list of HashTags used in the event
    - List of Top Languages used in the event
    - Top Mentioned User List of events
    - List of total Verified users who have tweeted in the event
    - Top 5 Tweets which have been re-tweeted maximum times in the event
    - Top sources list used in the event
    - List of Top countries included for the event
    - Total media sharing counts for the event
    - Feature for Tweeter users to see event report at all times
    - Feature to see activities of other user’s tweets about the event
    - Google Map with country locator and total count.
    - Mobile versus web comparison and much more.

    So, what are you waiting for? Download this application and optimize your Twitter events the way you want it. It is cost efficient and also entertaining application developed by LetsNurture.