Twimon is a new kind of Twitter client that lets you raise your own
    personal legion of monsters and raid outposts in real world locations.

    Hatch and raise monsters to join the online fray with other players!
    Enhance your Twitter experience with Twimon today!

    Game Features

    - Client comes built in with all the basic Twitter functions.
    - Raise monsters to conquer outposts based in actual, physical
    locations (utilizing GPS tracking).
    - In addition to your own monsters popping up in the Twitter client,
    you can view monsters belonging to other players--making for a fun and
    lively timeline!

    Basic Game Flow

    - Once you've got a monster egg, nurture it by tapping!
    - You can also nurture an egg by tweeting or simply letting time pass.

    - Once your monster is born, test its mettle by sending it out into
    the human world!
    - You will find outposts scattered all around your actual physical
    location--so send forth a monster and take 'em down! Successfully
    toppling an outpost bags you the title for that location.

    - Once you've sent in your monster of choice, it will automatically
    attack in five minute intervals, so you can sit back and leave it to
    its work. Keep in mind, however, that your monster will lose 1 HP with
    each attack. Once your monster's HP has been depleted, it will halt
    its assault, so give it a breather by tapping "Rest."

    - Time your rests just right to conquer outposts efficiently.

    - Once you finally break down an outpost's resistance, you will win
    its title and various other rewards, such as monster eggs.

    - Note that both tweeting and toppling outposts will win you more
    monster eggs, so don't be shy--send your monsters out to all sorts of

    - You will initially be able to own up to three monsters. You can,
    however, head over to the shop to increase this number.

    Raising Your Monsters

    - Monsters born from eggs, just as with other monsters, continue to
    grow and level up.
    - As previously explained, you can level up your monsters by:

    1) Tapping the monster icon on the timeline (once every ten minutes).
    2) Tweeting.
    3) Letting time pass.
    4) Toppling outposts."

    Use any of the above four methods to gain EXP and level up your
    monsters. For each level (of four), your critters will undergo a
    monstrous change!

    Some monsters possess the potential to take on especially rare forms.
    Don't miss out!

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