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    A Twitter Client that helps you create custom Timelines on the fly!

    •Create your own custom “Twitter Timelines”: Search twitter and view what Twitter users are tweeting in real-time. Receive the tweets as they come endlessly from the different users from all over the world.
    •Track product & brand mentions: Twoogle is an essential tool for managing social networks by allowing teams to efficiently track conversations on twitter and gain valuable feedback on products acceptance and brand ratings by reviewing tweets from their customers and the general public etc.
    •Stay Connected: Enjoy news and information as they happen and be connected with your friends at all times.
    •Search: Enter your search into the search panel, and tweets should start appearing about your chosen keyword. The unique experience here is that the tweets will fall endlessly until you stop it or pause it.
    •Multi-keyword search: Enter more than one keyword and view simultaneous message falls on all keyword searches.
    •Geolocation search: Sometimes you only want to see tweets from a specific area. Using the Geolocation you can search based on a location.
    •Tweeting: Twoogle wouldn't be a great Twitter client if it didn't let you tweet. Once you're logged in, you can start writing your tweets straight away.
    •Retweeting: Retweeting is a way of life on Twitter. Twoogle makes it easy to retweet.
    •Replying: Twoogle's replying lets you stay on topic ensuring that you know exactly what's been said.
    •Twitter timeline: wouldn't be a great Twitter client if you couldn't view what your friends tweet about.

    •Sports and events tracking. Check updates being tweeted and retweeted.
    •News and information – get the hot gist as they come out from twitter.
    •For celebrities – measure your celeb rating, how much and often you trend on twitter. Who is talking about you and what are they saying? Twoogle is a good social tool you can combine with Instagram, Facebook, Line, Viber etc. to manage your social space.
    •Check trendy news – what’s trending, what people are talking about.
    •Get feedback on events or personal activities.
    •Get gossips – good for eavesdropping on what’s being whispered around the world.

    •Track your product adoption in the market. How do people feel about your products?
    •Track your brand strength in the market. How do people feel about your brand?
    •Research; get to know your customer’s needs, likes and dislikes before diving into the market.

    If any issues, please write us at . Thank you!

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