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    The Ultimate Twitter App has simple but convenient features. A Few Features Ultimate Twitter App Offers :

    - friends timeline
- read/unread visual notification
- paging timeline and search
- post status
- navigate to chosen user profile
- navigate to chosen status
- show more   statuses
    - view direct messages
    - view sent messages
    - view favorites.
    - upload profile image

    Here what you will get from Ultimate Twitter

    ✓ User profile
    ✵unfollow user
    ✵add to list
    ✵access homepage of the user
    ✵see all user status updates
    ✵see user favorites
    ✵see who is following
    ✵see the user followers

    ✓ Post status
    ✵character count
    ✵auto link shortener

    ✓ Upload photo integration
    ✵automatically uploads and pastes

    ✓ Search
    ✵navigate to chosen user Profile
    ✵ navigate to chosen status
    ✵show more statuses

    ✓ Trends
    ✵access current trends
    ✵ access daily trends
    ✵access weekly trends
    ✵search by trend word

    ✓ Lists
    ✵ access user lists
    ✵view number of user Per/list
    ✵create new list
    ✵edit lists
    ✵edit list name and Description
    ✵edit privacy mode
    ✵delete list
    ✵delete list membership
    ✵access list statuses

    ✓ List statuses
    ✵access user profile

    ✵access user mentions statuses

    ✓ DM
    ✵access direct messages
    ✵delete direct messages

    ✓ Favorites
    ✵access user favorites
    ✵remove favorite

    ✓ Sent
    ✵access user statuses

    ✓ RateLimit
    ✵access to the user rate-limit

    ✓ Settings
    ✵ access to the Twitter Account (login/logout)
    ✵Auto refresh settings

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