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    Twitter has become an essential part of social media. It delivers tips, links to interesting articles, and creates a network of like-minded Tweeters – people just like you.

    Unfortunately, once you build a following, it’s not always easy to track your Tweet pack. Who’s following you? Who’s unfollowed you? (Oops). How do you reach out to new followers without taking up valuable work time?

    It’s easy with the simplest, most intuitive Tweet tracker out there, so if Twitter is part of your marketing strategy – and it should be – UnfollowID is a must-have app for any smart phone you carry.

    •Discover who’s unfollowed you quickly and develop more relevant Tweets to keep followers in place. If you’re losing followers, your Tweets need a little more oomph!

    •Sync up UnfollowID in just seconds. Download, click, click. Done.

    •Keep tabs on your favorite Tweeters so you never miss an important link to that perfect information.

    •Updates and upgrades are always free with JaredCo so, as your list of followers and unfollowers grows, UnfollowID grows with your social media groups – forever!

    •And best of all, UnfollowID is awesomely, 100% FREE. Unlike other Twitter apps, you don’t pay a penny for UnfollowID from JaredCo.

    Using UnfollowID is like using a juiced Twitter on steroids. All the follow and unfollow information is right there on your smart phone screen. Tap into the most powerful social media tool simply, easily, daily.

    UnfollowID is designed, developed and made by JaredCo so you know it’s right, right from the get-go. Better still, like all JaredCo apps, UnfollowID comes with complete support. Got a problem? Drop us a line and we’ll send the solution – and FAST.

    Track your growing Tweet pack and stay in the loop with UnfollowID – the only shout out Twitter app you’ll ever need.

    We make apps with purpose, and UnfollowID is no exception.

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