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    Published: 2014-03-19, by Manu Galvez.

    Discover voting trends and social perception about great political topics in your country

    • Groundbreaking app concept
    • Ease of use
    • Real-time charts and results
    • Design and smoothness
    • Only U.S., U.K. and India support
    • User base has to grow: test amount is made up Voting Line users.

    "Your personal political analyst"

    NOTE: This app needs a U.S., U.K. or India phone number to sign up. Requiring phone numbers to register is a way to strengthen results' reliability. Voting Line is available in all the three leading phone platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone)

    People interested in political and social issues traditionally had to wait for newspapers to publish barometers and voting intention charts. Those times are over thanks to mobile technology and apps like Monocept's Voting Line.

    Voting Line gives you real-time stats about the voting distribution in your country based on the personal characteristics of the voters. Thus, you must first sign up with your phone number and set your profile. It's really important to do it properly since that determines the distribution in each of the topics analyzed.

    Thus, after indicating the state, gender, age, religion and other characteristics, you'll get into the charts section. The general voting intention is displayed in a pie chart from the home screen. Scroll to see the detail of political parties distribution.

    From then on, you can vote and change your vote at any time, filter general results by country / state and see results for specific topics (Trend Analysis). Although topics vary from one country to the other (remember U.S., U.K and India support), some are always common: occupation, education, religion, gender, age... and many others.

    These topics are nothing but filters based on the personal characteristics of the voter. Thus, you can see, for example, the percentage of post-graduates which vote the liberal party or, by the way, the percentage of women who vote communist.

    That's the powerful idea behind Voting Line: you can have a certainty of what social social groups are more sensible to what topics and predict the results of the next election based on the country's emerging issues.

    It's a pity that there's only support for those three countries mentioned above. It could be an interesting tool for citizens from all around the world. But, before jumping worldwide, the app should also be enhanced regarding design and smoothness. The idea is powerful. There's room for improvement though.

    Regardless, Voting Line is an interesting app with a promising future.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Mar 19, 2014


    ***Yahoo and Silicon India rates the voting line app as the number1 voting app to track India elections 2014. ***
    *** The leading Indian media houses such as Zee News, Star News, NDTV, Financial Express, Wall Street Journal and many others cover Voting Line story to help the users analyze the voting trends of the World’s largest democracy.***

    The Voting Line app enables the users to experience the real time election trends of India and of various Indian states for 2014 elections.

    With this top rated India election app users can:
    • Analyze the current political trends of the country to decide the right leader for the nation.
    • Analyze the current scenarios, opinions and stand of various political parties in real time for 2014 elections in India.
    • Vote the political party for both Lok Sabha (MP) Constituency and Vidhan Sabha (MLA) Constituency of their choice.
    • Vote for the opinion polls on daily and monthly basis.
    • View the voting percentages of various political parties on daily and monthly basis and the reports are prepared based on the votes casted by the users of this app.
    • View these reports and analyze trends by various verticals such as state wise, age wise, education wise, religion wise and so on.

    The information about the users and their voting opinions in voter profile stays confidential. This app does not belong to any political party or any government organization and is not related to the actual elections. It is powered by Monocept and is available for the users of Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

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